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What is

Everyone has some skills of their own but we dont use them properly.Taskdia is a Freelancing marketplace where you can create store of your own skill. It allows buyers to find the suitable service providers, order a task, communication and get tasks done quickly. Including a secure payment system so that users can make safe transactions right on the platform.

Why works with Taskdia?
  • Top Safe

    Taskdia is a community that values your trust & safety with the trustful review system.

  • Secured Transaction

    Taskdia online payment processing system allows your customers to easily and securely place orders online and offline.

  • Sellers community

    Our seller community is trustable and customer friendly.

How Taskdia works?
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  • Enter your needs

    The homepage will provide you an advanced search & filter options. It allows you to search by keyword, filter by categories and tags. With only a single click, you can find what you wants .

  • Select your favorite seller

    After finding related services, you can view sellers' profile providing you with details about their biography & all their micro stores. Then, select the suitable one meeting your requirements.

  • Get your stuffs done

    Order what you want. Also, you can order the extra service or send a custom order to get thing done effectively. After purchasing gigs, you can keep track on progress on the order detail page.